Removal of Hedging - Nenagh

This project was undertaken in Nenagh. The project was undertaken to improve garden space and light into the house. Also the owners had experienced dampness in the dwelling due to a lack of sunlight and the closeness of the scrub. The existing garden had been overcome with moss and needed to be removed and reseeded due to the trees. The area was an 500 M² and the project took two days to complete. 

Tree Removal - Nenagh

This tree was removed due to overhanging telephone wires. It took one day to complete and the owners were very happy with the result. 

Hedge cutting and light management - Killaloe, Clare

Lowering of the hedge to increase light over the property and maintain the overall shape of the hedge. The project took two days to complete and required chainsaws and hedge cutters. All waste material was safely and cleanly taken off site to be disposed. We can complete similar projects like this for you at short notice. Please contact us at 086 161 0208. 

Creating a footpath and removal of scrub ground - Nenagh

The area was commissioned for the access of a pedestrian walkway through an unused area to avoid the danger of a nearby national road. The project took two days to complete and required a number of machines. 

Removal of dangerous overhanging tree - Nenagh

This project was a back garden of a townhouse that was not maintained for a number of years. The goal was to provide our client with a clear space in order to undertake landscaping of a garden and social space. This area was 200 M² and contained 10 ton of overburden and removal of a 15m high tree.