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Seeding, turfing and pitch renovation.

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Why Hogan Landscaping?

We are experts in sports grounds maintenance. We offer a repair and prepare service for sports pitches. We can also help repair bald spots, worn out goal areas and divots and can rescue even the worst affected surfaces.



We prepare and then seed. Once the seed is germinated, the grass can be left to establish with natural rainfall. If the pitch is required quickly the establishment period can be reduced by irrigation.

We overseed and fertilise where wear and tear to a pitch has resulted in loss of grass leading to bare areas.

Top dressing

To improve the surface structure of the soil and increase drainage, we apply sand dressings to pitches.

Decompaction and Aeration

Pitches become compact over time or with regular use, and therefore need decompaction and aeration. We use the AGRI-vator for aerating and decompacting sports grounds, paddocks and turf fields.


We use the AGRI-vator to renovate golf courses, sports grounds and turf fields, The AGRI-vator is used by the top stud racing venues and sports ground contractors around Europe for aerating & decompacting paddocks and sports grounds. It is extensively used by racecourses for taking the firmness out of the ground throughout the summer months improving the safety for both horse and rider.

Benefits of using the AGRI-vator:

Aerate up to 6″ deep
Crushing action between the rotors breaks up the soil in the root zone, significantly improving infiltration of air, nutrients and water
Minimizes lake and stream runoff
Designed to allow the operator to vary the tine aggressiveness by changing the PTO and groundspeed


We have completed over 2000 projects with the latest in landscaping technology and are excited to hear about how we can work together. Lets get in touch!