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Artificial Grass is available in a variety of different colours, textures and pile heights depending on your requirements. There is a perfect artificial grass for every eventuality, including lawn, patios, pool sides, holiday homes, putting greens and play areas.

We have installed our artificial grass in play areas both commercially and in private homes. One of our main clients are child creche owners so you can be sure that our product meets the highest standards in both quality and safety.

Artificial Grass is a cheaper option on those that want to take the hassle out of garden maintenance. Our artificial grass is safe for kids and pets and can be easily washed down with a garden hose if the need occurs.

Artificial Grass - Private House Nenagh

This project was undertaken at private house located in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. The area was a total of 100 M² and took three days to complete. The garden consisted of printed concrete and a small artificial grass garden. The new garden is now extremely low maintenance and will always look aesthetically pleasing.

Artificial Grass - Private House, Thurles

The clients considered their area/garden to be very dull and wished to give it more colour and vibrance with a new play area for their children. They decided to go for the artificial grass option and it turned out very well. The clients were happy with the project and the kids made the most of it.

Artificial Grass - Child Creche - Dublin

This project was undertaken at a child creche located in Dublin. The client wished to improve the verity withing the play area and provide the children with more options in gameplay. The project took three days to complete and was completed within budget. The client was very happy with the result and told us that the children enjoyed their new play area.

Artificial Grass - Child Creche - Nenagh

At this location in Nenagh, the client had play mats installed in the play area however, this mats had become degraded and made the area look old and run down. We suggested that the owner install artificial grass to improve the look while providing a safe and clean area for her clients children. The project received fantastic feedback and and the client suggested that it had improved her business.

Let us take you through the process and we will answer any questions you may have.